From Exhilaration to Exile: The Giant of Abandonment

January 27, 2019 Pastor: Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy Series: Facing Your Giants

Verse: 1 Samuel 19:1–19:24

There are those times in life when everything seems to be crashing down. People turn on us or just disappear. We may be pushed out of the places where we were once celebrated or even attacked with threats.

It is nothing new. David, the boy who would be king, experienced these very things. Within just days, he went from national hero to most-wanted criminal. None of it deserved. None of it his fault. But all of it had a purpose.

Join us as we study the life of King David in "Facing Your Giants." This weekend we explore “From Exhilaration to Exile: the Giant of Abandonment”.

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