Last Minute Reminders

Camp Registration Forms/Balances are due Sunday, May 20. Make checks payable to Faith Fellowship Church. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and FFC Youth Savings Account. Registrations must be completed (front and back) with camper and parent signatures. Medical Release forms must be notorized.  FFC has a notary on staff during the week and at Youth Group.  Partial scholarship requests need to be made with Pastor Ann Hoy with the pink Scholarship application completed by May 20.


Modest clothing: T-shirts and shorts should not be revealing or distracting. Shirts with logos/words/designs should have appropriate messages for Summer Camp. T-strap shirts, tank tops with deep arm holes, short shorts, and midriffs are not allowed (no bellies or hips showing). No undergarments are to be showing for guys or girls. Please label your items with your name!

Sweater/Sweatshirt: The Gym Worship Center and classrooms are cold.  Blankets are not allowed.

Bathing Suits: Girls are to wear one-piece modest suits and Guys are asked to leave their Speedo style swim suits at home.

Free Time Attire - Tank tops can be worn during the afternoon but modesty still prevails! No bellies revealed! 

Snacks: Pack in ziplick bags to avoid ants.  Please do not bring peanut products due to allergies of a few teens!

Hard Copy Bible


Flip Flops/Sandals and close-toed shoes

Laundry bag/trash bag


Soap, Shampoo, Deodorant, Towels

Costumes for Galactic Disco Dinner/Dance Night & Talent Show Night

Cell Phones may be brought at your own risk but please do not allow them to be a distraction to you or others! They will not be allowed to be out and used during any of the teaching sessions, including the Morning Devotions, Teach Me Groups, Ann’s House or Evening Services and cabin devotions. They can be used to make calls only to parents before evening cabin devotions each night if needed. Do not plan on using them as your Bible. They will be collected if students do not comply with the rule. Cell Phones will be kept on recharging station from 11PM-7AM in Counselor’s Private Room. During Afternoon Activities, Camp Adults will monitor cell phone storage boxes if students want to turn them in for safe keeping. Students must have their nametag to pick up their cell phone only.



Parents are responsible for transportation to/from FFC if the student has bus reservation.  Those driving to WIU on Sunday must arrive from 3PM-4PM. Last minute campers must register in the Student Union.  Families are welcome to stay for the 5:00pm dinner ($5) and the 6:15PM-8:00PM evening Praise & Worship Service.   


Sunday, June 3: Reserved bus riders meet at the church at 12:15PM in the church’s east parking lot. Sign in, load luggage, give nurse any medications (in original bottles) and get on the bus/van. Kids Campers sit up front closest to the driver. Please bring your lunch/snack. You may only bring a small carry on (back-pack sized) and your pillow on the bus.  Buses return to FFC on Friday, June 8 at 3:30PM.

Bring your luggage, sleeping bag (in a trash bag), and pillow with you. All items must be labeled with your name and grade. Only bring enough medications for one week (in original bottle).


Baptism service:  Friday, June 8, at 11:30AM at Webber International University’s pool and a light lunch in the cafeteria. Families are welcome.

Coming Home Service:  Friday, June 8 at 7:30PM at Faith Fellowship Church in the Worship Center. Come hear the Camp Preacher and band, and see the Camp video. Campers should wear their T-shirts.

Dinner: Following the Coming Home Service - $5 at the door.

Worship Services: Saturday, June 9 at 6PM and Sunday, June 10 at 9:00AM & 10:45AM will include testimonies/music from Camp. Campers should wear their T-shirts at the services.

There will be Youth Group at 5:00PM at Faith Fellowship Church on Sunday, June 10. MIP applications and $40 are due that night.

“After Camp” Baptism Night: Thursday, June 28 at 6:00PM at John and Linda Tartaro’s home if you want your family to come.