Camp Registration

Online Registration for Summer Camp

Register for Youth Camp (Rising 7th Grade - Graduated Seniors) in a few easy steps:

  1. Right Click on the link below and select "Save Target As"
  2. Save the form on your desktop.
  3. Open the saved form in Adobe Reader and complete the Registration form.

Right Click Here to Save Youth Registration Form

Sorry...Kids' Camp (Rising 4th - Rising 6th Grades) is Full

Sign Your Form:

  1. In the signature box, the parent and student must both digitally sign where indicated.
  2. Click in the parent signature space. A sign document box will appear with your name. If the proper name does not appear, click the down arrow and select New ID.
  3. Create a new ID and  digitally sign the registration form. You will need to repeat the process for the student signature. Please note: The parent and the student must personally sign the box. Do not sign it for someone else, as the signature legally acknowledges that the parent and student have read and understand our Camp Policies.
  4. Once complete, click "Save the Form." Attach the completed form in an email addressed to

 Submit an Emergency Release Form:
Click on the link to open and print Medical Release Form

Make Payment for Youth Camp:
You are able to either make a deposit, pay the Camp fee, or pay the outstanding retreat balance. Click the appropriate link and follow the instructions. In the description box please enter the name of the student(s) that you are paying for so monies can be matched with the appropriate registration form. Click below to make your payment(s).

Click link below to make a full payment:

By May 6   $310 || After May 6 - $360 

Click on the link below to pay any balances owed for Youth Camp:  


Kids Camp is full - Click link below to pay balance: